Reckon Accounts Software

CT Solutions is a reseller of the complete range of Reckon software, including the renowned Reckon Accounts accounting software (Accounting, Easystart, Hosted, Plus and Pro).

Reckon Accounts is one of the leading SME accounting software programs sold in Australia for businesses of all sizes. This loyal following is due to its ease of use, customizability and excellent reporting capabilities.

CT Solutions Australia offers free advice to help you choose the best software option and can provide support and training, even if you’ve bought it elsewhere. Our program will improve your employees’ skills and help you achieve your goals, whether they are mobility, reporting, simplicity or integration orientated.

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Reckon Accounts Accounting
reckon accounts accounting

- Easy to set up and use
- Streamline and advanced reporting 
- Stay on top of payables and receivables with automatic bank feeds
- Ideal for small businesses 
- As your business grows, it is easy to move to Accounts Plus (or higher) for advanced functionality
- Integrated with GovConnect BAS online lodgement and Microsoft Word and Excel

Reckon Accounts EasyStart
reckon accounts easy start

- Uses a language that everyone can understand (no specific accountant knowledge required!)
- Three basic categories for easily sorting business tasks: Money In, Money Out and Your Business
- Easily customisable and simple to set up and use, with arrows to guide you through each step
- Ideal for sole-traders and micro-businesses

Reckon Hosted
reckon accounts hosted

- Unlimited payroll
- Links bank accounts
- Up to 1 million customers, suppliers and inventory combined
- BAS and Payment Summary online lodgement via your cloud accounting software – with multicurrency
- Up to 200 simultaneous users and unlimited companies
- Trusted for over 25 years and used by over 600,000 customers
- Can be used on multiple platforms: PC, MAC and Tablet – no need to pay for expensive IT equipment
- 24/7 support (online community or toll-free phone support, during business hours)
- Safe and secure data, stored in multiple protected locations within Australia
- Cloud accounting software allows for instant file sharing to work with your accountant/bookkeeper in real time
- Customisable dashboard and invoices, to include your logo, payment terms and more
- 200+ reports/graphs
- Comprehensive job tracking tools, allowing you to stay in control

Accounts Plus
reckon accounts plus

- Easy to track and manage inventory, payroll and finances
- Ideal for small businesses with employees
- Advanced and streamline reporting 
- As your business grows, it is easy to move to Accounts Plus (or higher) for advanced functionality
- Automatic bank feeds will help you stay on top your receivables and payables
- Simple to set up and use
- Integrated with GovConnect BAS online lodgement and Microsoft Word and Excel

Reckon Accounts Premier (2 user)
reckon accounts pro

- Multi-user access (up to 5 simultaneous users*), advanced inventory, payroll and multi-currency
- Integrated with GovConnect BAS online lodgement and Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
- Tailored for medium-sized businesses with specialised needs
- Stay on top of receivables and payables with the automatic bank feeds
- Provides unique tools, features, reports and job costing, estimates and quotes
- Choose from 7 industry editions and 21 Charts of Accounts
- Basic to set up and use
- As your business grows, it is easy to move to Accounts Enterprise for advanced functionality
* 5 user licences included

POS Starter Kit
POS starter kit

- Includes Accounts Plus, Point of Sale Lite and relevant hardware:
Accounts Plus 
- Import bank statements and process credit card payments
- Track and manage GST and inventory and lodge BAS
- Integrated payroll management
- Invoice, track expenses and pay bills
- Customise and produce report
Point of Sales Lite
- Complete transaction history and integrated EFTPOS
- Secure training mode and touch screen enabled
- Flexible inventory management
- Lay-by manager
- Label printing and design
- Thermal Receipt Printer: whisper quiet, compact design and high speed printing
- Cash drawer: Heavy duty stainless steel design helps ensure security and reliability
- Barcode scanner: Lightweight and easy to use design ensures fast processing speed in a high pressure retail environment

Is a cloud based software program designed for small and medium businesses. Reckon One is customisable, so you can add and pay for the modules that you need. It is a very user friendly product and comes with a full payroll module. 

Key features of the software include:

-The ability to run it on any device: PC, tablet, Mac or Smartphone.
- Cancel at any time, and your data will be saved for 7 years.
- Your data is encrypted and protected with bank-level security.
- Automatic backups and updates so you’re working on state-of- the-art online accounting software.
- Your data is stored under Australian law.
- Connect with an accountant or bookkeeper in real-time.